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At Vincatis, our mission is to provide Effective, Seamless and Holistic IT solutions in an Efficient manner.

Effective: addressing the customers' requirements appropriately, with no crippling defects
Seamless: integrating smoothly with other interacting systems
Holistic: solving the problem taking into account the larger context of the applicable business workflows
Efficient: balancing the customers' budgets and their time-to-market needs


To become a preferred provider of IT solutions to a wide range of businesses and government organisations.

We have 40+ Years of experiance in standard professional services

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Why choose us

  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe on software solutions across multiple industries.
  • Technical and domain expertise, coupled with our specialist understanding of your business.
  • Flexible Business Models and Cost effective solutions.
Strategy & Analysis 88%
Eeconomic growth 95%
Achieves goals 70%