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ChemVault is an Electronic Chemistry lab notebook that enables to add multivariate data like single or multi step reactions, literature, experimental methods and findings, lab work up, Analysis reports, raw materials and etc..Chemists and chemistry labs can take the advantage of ChemVault to track received, processed and pending requests from customers/companies.

Key Features:

People and Project Management : ChemVault allow the scientific teams to manage their chem force very effectively by assigning the individual reactions and/or projects with Multi step reactions, and tracking can be done at various levels.

Reaction(RxN) Management:
  • Adding Reactions to ChemVault with predefined templates to accommodate the experimental data in a structured manner, that fetch easy retrieval of structured data with few keywords.
  • Viewing and assigning reactions in ChemVault will help the scientists/chemists to group the reactions under one project in a sequential manners, finally complete reaction schema can be seen under a project
  • Searching Reactions in ChemVault is very easy, scientists/chemists can launch logical queries using Sub Structure search (Product/Reactant), CAS Number and generic molecule names.

User friendly web interface:
  • ChemVault is equipped with web based drawing tool built using open source technologies, and ChemVault can be deployed in-house or in cloud at very competitive price.
  • Scientists/Chemists can use the sketcher to draw the molecules and reactions, and provision to paste the smiles to get the molecules/reactions data in to ChemVault. Each reaction under a project is associated with captured experimental details and capable to add lab work up in the form of data card.
  • Role based access and dash boards will give the fair understanding of completed, on going and pending reactions under each project (Customer/Company based)