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Web-enablement of legacy applications

At Vincatis we can create a new customized web/html interface for legacy application. Through web-enablement the legacy applications are more user-friendly with better navigation and custom look and feel of common web interfaces. Once the application is transformed the users can use any web browser client to access the application.


Migration of legacy applications/products to different technology stacks

Legacy applications are often the silent killer to businesses. They quietly go through the day delivering mission critical functionality to the business, yet the cost of keeping these systems afloat is often significantly more than the cost of migrating them. Leaving the systems in their current state has both direct and indirect costs, often not fully understood at all levels of the organization. Direct cost of supporting these applications can be significant if the business is actively looking at enhancements or changes to support new opportunities.

If the system has changed significantly over the years, then indirect costs may be realized in the number of defects released to the end users (which may lead to loss of revenue). Indirect costs may take the form of lost opportunity as competitors, able to more quickly adapt to the business environment, release new functionality to their systems faster than is reasonably expected with the legacy application. These factors can combine to provide an unrealistic view of IT as incapable or unwilling to adapt to the new business vision. Correcting this problem must be done at its root, by modernizing the legacy application so that it will be adaptable, maintainable, and cost effective in the short and long term.

At Vincatis, we understand the importance/necessity to migrate Legacy/Obsolete technology Products that a business have and we migrate them to the latest technology in a most cost effective manner.

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Re-engineering existing applications/products for better maintainability

At Vincatis, we help our customers in customizing and re-engineering their existing products to meet the growing demands of the markets. We provide product enhancements, upgrades and process/performance improvements thus addressing all your needs under a common umbrella.

  • UX Strategy and Consultative Services
  • Gap Analysis and UI Conceptualization
  • Creative Design and Branding Services
  • Architecture and Development Services
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) designing, RIA Interface Design
  • Creation of wireframes / prototyping
  • Architecture Consulting and Roadmap Definition
  • Rebuilding of Legacy applications across different technologies
  • Re-engineering your application/product to improve KPIs like performance and scalability
  • SOA Enablement
  • Cloud/SaaS Engineering of your application/product

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On-going maintenance of applications/products

At Vincatis, we help our clients to meet the challenge of providing excellent technical support, with services designed to rapidly diagnose and solve customers’ problems. As a result, end users enjoy responsive service, while our clients benefit from higher customer satisfaction and lower technical support costs.

We specialize in supporting complex software products, which have been customized and integrated with a variety of other systems. Vincatis leverages our unique knowledge-based support technology, employing rules-based systems and intelligent agents, to enable our technical support consultants to quickly and reliably find accurate solutions to complex problems.

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Remote database management

Whether you use our Database Operations services or just need some one-time help with your data environment, Vincatis offers comprehensive database project services. Our focus on system DBA tasks provides you the expertise you need to get these tasks completed on time and on budget. We’ll handle those time consuming infrastructure projects so that you can manage and improve your business. Our most popular services include:

  • Database Upgrades
  • Database Patching
  • Database Installations
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Auditing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Database Optimization

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