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Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is business imperative for all projects. The cost of remediating software defects in the production environment increases the overall software development costs, and this means that defect removal has to be prioritized.

Vincatis helps organizations increase their delivery confidence by validating and verifying business needs along with testing the software.

Vincatis has a rich experience in doing Black box testing for applications across domains and of varied complexities. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end testing solution with full client satisfaction, manageable cost and with high quality.

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Test Automation

Test automation is the key to implement faster test cycles by automatically executing a suite of tests using an automated test tool. Our Automated Regression Testing offers test cycles that can be 90 percent faster than what clients have been used to when relying mostly on manual procedures. Our Test Automation services includes definition and implementation of test automation strategy covering selection of appropriate test tools, identification of test scenarios to be automated, Test Environment set up, and Automation implementation and maintenance.


Data integrity testing

Data integrity testing is a key component of QA testing, it verifies the reliability of data procurement from the system and its storage methods in order to ensure that, the data extracted is in the desired format, and that it is reliable and consistent with the data expected to be present in the database. Data integrity testing also ensures that all relevant information is stored in a timely manner, thus avoiding data loss, which prove to be catastrophic to any business. Parameters can also be customized as per client requirements for the data integrity testing during the setup phase.


Performance Testing

Performance testing involves testing the product on the basis of the criteria as required by the client.


Stress Testing

In stress testing, the parameters typically tested are: storage, computing time, communication capacity, and database recovery time. This process drives the system to the very limits of its endurance in order to determine the features in the application design that can fail during implementation. The features that do fail can turn out to be defects capable of causing disastrous failure.