Accessibility and availability of crafted data experted from Journal articles, patents, abstracts is a crucial component for a researchers to carry out his/her research in hunting the new targets, drugs. Moreover it's a challenge for them to stay up to date on their specific research interests, Vincatis platform SEMANTIC XCERPTION will allow the researchers to get the manually excerpted data in no matter of time at low cost..

Vincatis team have rich working experience in building the disease and Target specific databases, this includes Data mining and manual excerption

Data sources - Journal articles, patents, Abstracts, conferences, Internal proprietary data, Clinical trials, Commercial & Open Databases

High level Excerption details:

Chemistry Biology Clinical Trials
Chemical Structures Biological Data Study Design details
Reactions Pathways Treatment Inforation
Markush Structures Pr-Pr Interactions Pharmacodynamic data
Indexing Assay Details Pharmacokinetic data
Experimental annotation Biomarkers Demographics

File Formats - Flat files, Relational Files, Customer defined formats

Guidelines: Controlled vocabularies, Industry standard ontologies, Bibliography data with common identifiers Manual excerption thru online tools

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